A Whole new perspective of "Land Builder Test"

Because of LBT’s rising popularity, I’ve decided to polish it up to make it shine.


“Open” buttons: opens and closes menu items that correspond to the menu type.
Flashing help button: whenever there’s a new instruction, the ? button flashes colorfully! Much more helpful and wipes out confusion.
“Fertilizer” option: shown later in the game, $1000. Makes the tree produce $2 per click instead of $1.
The buildings now correspond to grid, but not yet to scroll view
Restaurant pulls in money randomly when opened
Storyline has been further lengthened.
Treasure chest contains treasure, click to open


Just awesome idk why but i really like this game <3
keep up with the good work

Does this have already a safe behaviour or not yet? i would love to help making this game

I’m serious i love thissssssssss


*Forgot to mention: background music is by @Eric_Matyas