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I’m here to give some feedback and criticism on games you submit down below. In the end I’ll give you a score from 1-10. I wont be super harsh with my reviews, so don’t be scared! Please note that games are subjective. I might hate a game that you love (or vice-versa) and that’s okay. This is just my opinion.
Also, specify if your game is unfinished. I’m not good at reviewing unfinished games but I’ll try.

Sure, go for it:

Welcome to the cult- I mean club!

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@“JR 01” 's DRIVE:
What a great way to start reviewing! The simplicity of it just makes it so addictive! The art is great and I love the car variations. And it was made using Flowlab Free too?! How did you do it!
I can’t think of many. More obstacles would be nice. Maybe one that moves up and down? And wouldn’t it be cool if different cars had different abilities? Other than that, keep doing what you’re doing!
Total Score:
With just a few more additions, this game could be even more of a Flowlab masterpiece. Bravo.

Hey, here’s my finished game, A Little Evil:
And my (almost) finished game, A Boy in Armor:

Good luck, and thanks @“Biscuit Butter” !

Thanks @“Biscuit Butter”
The game is almost finished but I have a few more updates to do

Survive the Zamboodles, plz and thnx:

@rcreger 's A Little Evil:
I know NOTHING about Doctor Who, so I can’t judge the story. The art is alright and the platforming is fun. The game kept me entertained.
Some coins can only be collected by getting hurt, which isn’t the best design choice. Speaking of coins, there’s no reason to collect them. Tanks are basically not a threat, as they hardly ever hurt me. And I feel like there’s a little too many health packets.
Total Score:
Not the greatest game, but not the worst. Solid platforming, but with some mistakes.

Yeah @“Biscuit Butter” , I did get some feedback on those jumps that make you land on spikes or something for coins, and there isn’t a reason to collect them, but I would make a shop if I wasn’t using free, so I can’t make another level. And without the shop, there actually isn’t a reason to risk getting those “dangerous coins”, but I can’t do anything about that at the moment.

Now the health packs, I’m glad you actually thought the packs made it too easy! A lot of people say it is too hard (Or is it hard, just too many health packs?). But either way, thank you for the review!

@rcreger I forgot to mention- the animations sometimes don’t play out, like the jump and turn around ones. Not sure if you can fix it though

I actually haven’t experienced that. The jump may not play because it responds only when you press the up arrow, and so moving a direction while moving will stop the animation. But the turn actually has never been experienced by me. Sorry for the inconvenience @“Biscuit Butter” .

@rcreger 's A Boy In Armor
The story is perfect. I love it. There aren’t many story oriented Flowlab games. but this game proves that they are possible. I also love all the decorations you have.
The gameplay is nothing special, but it’s a story themed game so that’s fine. My real complaint is that there’s too many flat areas. Maybe add more decorations? Flowers? I understand you’re using free, so you can’t add too many.
A great game with a great story.

@“Biscuit Butter”
Hey, i can see you aren’t getting many requests so here’s 2 to keep you busy!

I actually have enough objects to add flowers, and I hadn’t thought of adding them @“Biscuit Butter” . Thanks for the idea! I’ll start working on them as soon as I can! And thanks for the review! I was going for something special in FlowLab, and I’ve been working with a lot of writing and english, so I wanted to mix art with story, to hopefully make something enjoyable. Thanks again!

EDIT: I actually have a sprint and a attack in the game as well, just in case you haven’t noticed.

@Crigence I’m fine not getting that many reviews. I don’t have that much free time to review many of them anyways. I’ll take your requests though.

@MagmaDude100 's Survive The Zamboodles
This game has great potential. I like the Zombie Apocalypse scenario. The different types of zombies and guns were nice. At first I didn’t like the art but it grew on me. The cities look like cities and not just one or two random buildings.
This bug annoyed me. When you enter a door, your character will slow down way too much, even after you leave the door for awhile. I won’t take points off though, as it may be unfixable. Okay, back to the actual cons. First of all, the text is too big. Make it a little smaller. Secondly, it took me forever to find the survivors. Maybe make trails? And finally, I found some random chairs in the middle of the desert. If you want to save space, get rid of them.
Has potential. Can’t wait to see what levels you come up with next.

@Crigence 's Old Super Mario Bros
It’s kind of weird critiquing a critique but okay.
(Note: My computer really started lagging in the second level, so I only played the first)
I’ve seen many renditions of Mario on Flowlab (I tried making one once) but this one is probably the best. The platforming is great and adding 3-D Mario elements like long jumping is brilliant. And the art is fantastic. I’m surprised you crunched all of this in Flowlab free. It looks like there was serious effort put into this game.
My main complaint: BUGS. This game is pretty buggy. Animations sometimes don’t play out. Sometimes when I jump on the bouncy flower thing I go WAY too high. Long jumping is a neat addition, but it sends you too far. And on top of that, if you press down and up fast enough you can long jump forever! One last thing: I never saw the need for clicking to use fireballs. Jumping on enemies is easier, in my opinion.
Minus the bugs, this game gorgeous.

I need a better name for this and I can’t think of anything that isn’t taken.

ABBER for At Biscuit Butter’s Epic Reviews

Could you review Terraria! V3.3?

@meburningslime I’ll take the name and yes.