Ability to rollback updates for certain games

Could we have a rollback option?

This button would be with every game and allows temporary undoing of updates. If theres an update that breaks a game, you can undo the update for that particular game.



I would at least request that there are ?v=#.##'s for future updates. It is pretty common for updates to break or even really badly corrupt games. I remember when an entire level was deleted, and when everyone had their animations messed up from 3 different updates over the years. Those can’t be easily fixed if they didn’t backup or import their sprites. Having a ?v= for new updates allows a sort of optional “safe mode” to test if the update messes up a game, before actually going ahead and switching to the new update. For people that don’t have bugs, they are fine, but think of it like a “compatibility” function, where games have to stay on that version to function correctly, until a future update solves those bugs.