About my game/Check out my new game: Coin quest!

Hey guys! Check out my game! I already showed the link in the glitch discussion, but you should check it out anyway! Here’s a link!
There was gonna be a healing item, but that kinda healed too much health when it was supposed to heal only 2, also the spikes take away too much health, but the apples had something to do with it, so I had to remove the apples from the game.
At the part where you climb up the stairs, you might accidentally miss the coin and get stuck and have to reload the game, so I added something to fix that!

Coin quest 2 is coming soon!

Note: I can’t share my games, so this is my only way of sharing.

Awesome game but I think you could add more levels just to make it more harder because I got it through it fast in 1st try without damage.

Sorry, but I made this using free edition. So, I can’t make more than 5 levels. Coin quest 2 is coming soon, though.