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how do you make you charater talk to a non player

I can’t get the controller input to work*
*Controller block won’t work

how do i make my car move like a car

plsss someone reply to this, ok so i created a game call jumpy its a good game but the only problem i have is when i playing it after a few minutes the game just restart and no i did not die so idk why it restarting.

@grazer how do I make my games public I created my account as a student one even though I have no teacher controlling it and I still can’t find a way to make them public

Does anyone here know how to make a dash mechanic, i’m making a roguelike game.
I want to make it on a cooldown after using it.

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i just explained this on the discord server

  1. use mousemove to dash at the mouse
  2. put the mousemove pos into an angleto bundle
  3. set rotation
  4. make a keyboard trigger go into a switch that turns itself off, and waits as long as you want to turn back on
  5. make that switch also send a large number into forwards velocity to make the speed boost

I’ve tried this but it doesn’t really work for my game, is there a way to do it with keys instead of the mouse?

The way I just described triggers on spacebar. The mousemove is used for the angular momentum of the dash.

If you are struggling this much with the code, I’d recommend practicing coding before you start any big projects.