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Hi! I’m Todorrobots son, and I’ve made a bit of what I think to be a pretty cool game! I currently have 17 levels in it and I want to see what you guys think! (Read desc for controls)

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Hey dude! Your game was a bit challenging for me lol, I never saw before this type of control with the mouse. But I like challenges, hope you finish the game.

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It Says Its By @baconcat008

Yes, because im Todorrobots son, I just didnt have my own accout yet (:

I think this post was made to describe the #play-my-game tag that can be placed on a post.
All the Tags have a post like this, are we suppose to comment here @grazer?

Idk, A lot of people did, so I thought it was ok (I know thats not a good mindset to have)

Commenting here doesn’t hurt anything I suppose, but It is just supposed to be a discussion/description about the category itself.

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So its actually not a point-and-click, but a point-and-leftclick nice job

But actually if you point at the robot himself it’s gonna lag alot

Hello everyone when is the new game jam going to start