Access panels

@grazer, Hi my name is R0CK, or my username anyway. I’m just wondering. Can there be a feature where if you are an owner of a developer group then you could rank the devs or users? For example, when I click on a button with username on my developer team it would say, User, Admin, Super Admin, Co-Owner. Then I could rank my staff or team what access they have and whatnot. For example, Co-owner have as much access just as the owner or super admin that has access to games. And games that are hidden from the public. Admin would have access to games and not hidden games. And the user could only access the title of the game and the description.

This is probably a feature on a Studio and maybe education paid accounts.

With indie accounts, teams just has equal access to the game, but only the owner can export the game.

Do you have a Studio account?

@JR 01, No Education edition