Accessing Flowlabs Potential Part 1 - Effects

I’m not even going to go into the title and how bizzare and vague it must seem. So just stick with me on this one. When I first accessed Flowlab, I had no Idea of it’s potential. I wrote off so many things on flowlab as impossible like checkpoints, semi-solid platforms and many more things, of which, are now regulars in my game. So this series, I explore the possibilites of Flowlab’s capabilities. And in this edition, it is focused on effects. In Starblast finale, a rainbow effect I replicated with the help of @CrimsonBlackGames - Creator of Starblast finale - and wondered what other effects you could do. When I say effects, i mean visual effects, like the rainbow colour gradient. Using rotation, blending, colour, what effects can we create on flowlab?

Shoutouts to @“JR 01” @Superstargames and @CrimsonBlackGames (and @seamothmaster45 )
Example :

The only time I ever used special effects that you mentioned in my games was to give the Final Boss from Pixel Sports a darker, shadow form when he enters his second phase.
Flowlab Game Creator - Pixel Sports - Google Chrome 4_3_2020 8_26_07 PM
Example of that effect

Yep, that’s as far as I have done and as far as I am capable of. I’m sure that @“JR 01” and @“CrimsonBlackGames” have many other examples.

I tend to steal affects that CBG makes and put them into examples, but I also have many effects I’ve made myself like in NYCTOPHOBIA with the lighting. I list out some of my tests and examples that relate to effects:

Edit: To keep the list short and to not add all my examples, I didn’t list examples which are on the blurry line of “effect” such as my inventory, Day & Night, Reflection, Nametag, and many others.

Color Scroll test:

Light test:

RGB test:

Size test:

Layer Stacking:

Games with other affects not made into examples:
Winter Jam (UI Blur):

NYCTOPHOBIA (Object lighting [which is why I made Light test]):

I’ll toss in this example:

Fire/Smoke/Spell particle effects. Just uses one sprite:

(click to cycle)

why am I in…Parentheses?

I made the smoke pellet in Nightbolt @“The Kodex” does that kind of count?
kind of sad that we are not working on that game anymore…

@“JR 01” thief.

heh, I give credit if I get the technique from another game or user.

I know it’s not that good yet, but before you posted this I made this game. I plan on using lots of effects, any recommendations?
I also have another game which uses lots of graphic effects for the title screen, if you are patient enough to see all four of them