Ace Commander - Flowlab Game Review

Hi y’all,

I’ve decided to take a look at games and post short reviews on YouTube. I’ve just published one for Ace Commander, you can check it out here:

Ace Commander Review

Okay, it’s getting late on the European side, catch you all later!



Thank you so much @muddyapples, this is amazing. Figuring out the mechanics was a little tricky since the shadows are an independent object, so I decided to make the player plane move faster than the enemy plane. Do you think the players plane should have a smaller turn radius? Also, did you get a chance to play the Pacific Campaign, there are submarines that have a slightly different type of turret gun?

Another also, if you feel up to it would you like to review another one of my games, Running for President? It may sound like it’s about American politics, but I assure you that’s only at the base level, it’s really just a running and gathering/avoiding things game. I like your format and would be interested to hear what you think.

Thanks again!


Awesome, always nice to see more Flowlab content making its way onto Youtube


Hi @Bmarzi The shadows look great, good job. Yes, I played the Pacific version, nice.

Personally, I think you should try having a larger turn radius, maybe look at making it more of an arc? Also a way to level up would be good to have, feel like you’re progressing.

I’ll take a look at the President game but there are so many great games made by different users I need to look and review before reviewing another of your games.



Pacific version, one of those Japanese planes got right on my tail and I couldn’t shake it at all. It seemed to have a tighter turning radius than my plane.

I also did play (and beat) the President game. Wow that was a lot of presidents… I was trying to check the prez pictures to see if I could identify how far through I was, while also keeping my eye on the play board… was so relieved when I saw JFK and knew I was on the final stretch!