Ace Vanguard - Final Update Released

Makes sense. I had to make it catch people’s eye. And for that I needed to make it stylish.

Update 1.0 is finished! I encourage you to check it out!
Features added include:

  1. A larger map, with dynamically placed tunnels
  2. Slightly modified enemy sprites
  3. Changed Controls [Please keep in mind that I can always change them back, but I need to know from you guys if the new controls are an improvement]

As always, please enjoy my game, and feel free to voice any complaints or suggestions. I enjoy all the feedback I can get!

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Whoops! Okay, update 1.1. I made a mistake with the controls and it was very messy. Anyway, the correct controls I just spoke of are now in effect.

Update 1.2
I added smaller features to this one. New Features include:

  1. Improved controls (again)
  2. Added controls explanation page
  3. Added Syntax to the characters
  4. New Class (Stealth) with some interesting new mechanics

As you can see, this was a smaller update, but please don’t forget to leave a comment. I enjoy all the feedback I can get!

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I love how far this has come! I think you should use a timed switch to put a cooldown on the shots of the ranged ships since spamming click lets you shoot way too fast. On that topic, it would be cool to see agility having a weaker but much faster weapon compared to the others. Something like:
Offense: A basic but strong gun, moderate attack speed combined with high damage.
Speed: I think the shield best be made into an ability and the ship given a light, fast shooting gun. The shield is just way too op to be a normal weapon lol.
Stealth: Stealth would be cool with a slow single-shot sniper sorta gun with very high damage per shot.
Agility: Agility having a light gun with low damage per shot but very high attack speed would be cool, it fits the sorta run and gun style as well.

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And, just like that, Update 1.3 is on it’s way :laughing: . This one shouldn’t take too long. Just have to generate the specifics and then it’s practically finished.

Update 1.3
New Features Include:

  1. Improved (?) Title Screen
  2. Added PowerUps for all Classes (Be sure to try them all out!)
  3. Renovated Attack’s Weapon


  1. Improved Title Screen
    A new look for the Ace Vanguard logo!

  2. New PowerUps
    Sorry, but you will have to play to see what they are (no spoilers)

  3. Attack’s Weapon
    I opted for a short-ranged, high-powered weapon that matches the ships style (dragon).

I hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to drop a comment or leave a complaint. I enjoy all the feedback I can get!

I see that I can’t change the name of this topic anymore. (I’ll have to relocate this topic to a new thread once the next update is released.)

I’m sorry to bring you back to this topic, but I was wondering what you had in mind for the “experiment with… side drifting…”. I’m looking for new mechanics to add to my game, and was hoping if you had any insight.

E hello yes, so what could be cool is a way to move to the right and left, but still drift like when you move forwards. This would allow skilled players to strafe around their opponents in a circle, letting them shoot their enemy from all sides while avoid getting shot

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I’ve already got a few ideas. Thanks for the help! :+1:

How do you shoot when using WASD

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The [enter] button should do the trick

I just went back and played again, loving the new ships! (though, stealth seems a bit weak, not enough damage for the fire rate)
Deception is a funny
so here’s meta opinions on every ship:

Defence - good well rounded ship, on the stronger side
Attack - Flamethrower heck yeah, this one is fine
Agility - Very nice, maybe make the gun take two shots for small fighters though
Speed - A little ridiculous on the speed part, but it is fun to play
Stealth - Very cool but weapon needs a buff for sure
Combustion - A cool ship, very strong though might need a small nerf
Deception - lol

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Thanks for the recommendations! I should be starting on a new update this weekend and I’ll be sure to use these tips as a basis.


Final Update for Ace Vanguard

As of Today, I am announcing the last planned update for Ace Vanguard. The new features will include:

(1) The Final ship class

I hope to really outshine myself with this new class, and I think all fans of Ace Vanguard will love the new edition.

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Honestly, this is one of my favorite space shooters on Flowlab (Right behind Starblast Finale) and I’m happy to see it’s finally coming to a close!

Once it’s finally done, I would love to re-review it on The Crigence Critique if you’re willing to resubmit it. Thanks in advance

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Sure! I look forward to it!

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The Final Update is Out!

Added Features:

(1) New Class

Fixed Bugs:

(1) Fixed Tutorial bug

I hope you all enjoy the game! What was your favorite ship? Favorite power-up?
Don’t forget to comment below!

Here’s the link again:
Ace Vanguard