Add gradient tool

As a artist for my own team it is great to have freelance… my only problem is shading… and it is very tiring to constantly look through a color wheel for the next shade of RED (just a example)… I propose that a gradient tool be added to help artist such as myself to make games more lively and professional. Lets help make our 2D worlds look like a 3D universe through shading and gradients.

  • sincerely, “A Guy”

gradients shouldn’t be used in pixel art in my opinion, they’re extremely hard to do right, i think you should use a color pallete if you’re having problems with shading, you can switch your color pallete by clicking the ‘‘endesga 32’’ button, here’s some tutorials on pixel art Pixel Art Tutorials - Saint11

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I think it would do quite the opposite tbh.


But I do think a dithering tool would be pretty useful for bigger sprites.