Added Bosses!

  • added two bosses
  • added another way to beat “Temple fall” (second stage)
  • added more decorations such as vines in the second stage
  • the second stage is now wider
  • second boss’ projectiles are slower

the first stage maybe short, but it is the demo stage afterall.
i hope @grazer and @CrimsonBlackGames try the second level.

Game url:

Not bad! I did have some difficulty playing, but I did enjoy.

Some comments:
-I think 2 different music tracks are playing over itself. Might be a bug?

-Some thought was definitely put in this game. I havent seen some of the logic used in this game before. Good job!

Why dont you use your own sprites, if you practice, you can get really good. When I first joined flowlab 4-5 years ago, I wasnt so good (my first game is still around to prove it) but as time passed I slowly got to where I am today (still not necessarily good but not AS bad)

2 songs are overlapping, your Boss 1 and boss 2 proximity on the player is set to like infinity.
Also need a way to turn off the main music when proximity has been reached.

But overall, its a very fun and well done game with some cool behaviors!

I would agree, the heart system reminds me of the Super Mario 64. Good job!

Fixed the music bug!

turns out, i forgot to delete a certain trigger (sorry)