Adjusting the Player Screen Position for Scrolling?

Is it possible to set where the player is on screen in order to trigger the scrolling feature? I was just thinking, say you wanted a racing game where the player could stop and start at will (not autoscrolling), but you wanted enough screen space between the player and the approaching road in order to allow the player enough time to react. Could you place the player’s car image in the bottom of screen and trigger the Y scroll when the player reaches the top of the bottom third of the screen, rather than halfway up the screen, leaving arguably too much space behind the vehicle and not enough out in front of it?


I told you how. You need a separate camera object. Depending on how you need it to function, depends on how difficult it will be to make.

Ah, yes, I see how that would apply to this case, too. This was a different problem, though similar. So I didn’t connect the two together until now.