Could anyone please help me by attaching a screenshot of how to appropriately set up ads in the editor so that it will properly display in the game.
Any help is greatly appreciated

are you okay with a separate level for ads?

Hey @Quantified - Ads only work for mobile games. Which platform are you exporting to?

MobIle Android @grazer , @seamothmaster45 Seperate is in intersitial ? or a seperate level in the editor devote to the ad set up itself ?

Interstial ads just take up the whole screen, but it doesn’t require a new level, they just layer on top of your game. Banner ads are just a banner at the top or bottom.

You can test the ads without setting up anything at all. If you leave the default values and test mode enabled, then the ads will display on mobile in a special test mode. This means only example ads (no real ads) will play.

Once the ads are working in your game the way you like the next step is to create an AdMob account, then you can set up the ads there (interstitial or banner). Once you do that, get the ids from AdMob and ad them to the Ad block. Once you do that, then actual ads will start playing in your mobile exports.

Hope this helps, let me know if you have any other questions

I have a private AD example I use to test how it works.
Ad tests works with exports but not on Flowlab in the browser.
I have it set up in this example and here’s an Android download you can try to show how it works.

Example on Flowlab:

Android Download test:

@“JR 01” Thanks for this going to take a look at it later today and test it out!