Ads or in-app purchases

Hello to everyone,

I am new here and I really looking forward to start making my new game. But I searched forum and didn’t found any answer to my question. Is it possible to have ads or in-app purchases inside of my game? Or I can only put it to store for free/paid?


Ads are part of the gui. Use a mouseclick- link

But will it display the add like a banner? If it is just a link that is not very good. Also can anyone tell me how can ads be just simple link? Everywhere i look i see that I should add piece of code to my app.

Wrathos - You can make an ad using the sprite editor and then in the behaviors you can
Mouseclick(Over) go to Open URL(In)

Yes, I understand that but I want something like people are adding Google admob to their apps if it is possible. With URL I will just redirect user to some page.

You could make an animation for the ad, and make the link go to their website, where they could buy stuff.

@Wrathos I would like to know the answer to this to. I assumed when starting to make games on here you would be able to embed adverts in the game such as admob etc. If that’s not possible and the only way to generate income is by charging people to download the app then chances are there wont be any games created on here that would ever be a massive hit. I don’t know if its something that can be done externally or an update that is in the pipeline.