how do i add ads into my game like is there a program

no. but why would you want ads? that will make people really mad, and you might get bad reviews.

acquire currency @jngthree if i make it ads over being a paid app i will get a lot more downloads also if i don’t make a ton of ads no one will care

minecraft demo is at 3.5 stars because the disuptive ads and all that.

it won’t have disruptive ads and its still better then making it a paid game and getting no reviews

once you get sponcers, get them to send you a banner image and the just upload it onto flowlab.

but how do u make it so that when u click u go to their website

you cant

@ztg5 you can put a website URL on the banner…

Do you know how to do that @Game Lover if so can u tell me

It’s not really a URL- it is a pic of one. Take a editor like Microsoft paint- and make an advertisement

well you could put it on a website with adds… Like a google hosted website. Or a weebly or google. They both have add options. Hope this helps.