Adusting Player-Character's Center of Gravity?

Hello again!
I’m still attempting to make that 2D sidescrolling arcade racer I mentioned before, and I’d like to know if there’s a way to adjust the player-character’s center of gravity.

To elaborate, I have a small test car that I’m using as a way to figure out how I want each car(s) to handle, but I keep running into an issue where using the circle type of collision causes the car sprite to hover above the ground, instead of sitting flat and flush against it.

Is there a way I can adjust the center of gravity so that the car will sit flatly against the ground?

Flowlab uses the first image (when you create it) to determine the center for the collison shapes.

Common trick if you dig through some games:

Just have some pixels to define where you want the center and its collision size. Doesn’t have to be a car as in your case.
THEN create an animation where you place your real object where you want it in relationship to that dummy center. For sure you have to switch to that animation in your bundle.

I hope it makes sense, on phone and can’t provide an example. One of the others might jump in :wink: