advanced inventory needed for my teams survival game flowcraft

anyone who knows how to make an really advanced inventory we’ll invite you to the team to help

You know how I have the moves for my game pop up and out off the screen? do that but with the inventory and make it where you click an item it attaches it to the player, as for actually collecting up and removing items from the inventory, I have no clue but it’ll probably require a lot of messages, I do things in a very crude way and that’s the way I’d do it

Ive done that before but thats not what I need ill pull up an example in a minute hold on… @glithctyrus Hope this helps

@“The Kodex” I think he was talking about something like minecraft

@FlamesElite That is very much so like minecraft just without the crafting. @glithctyrus . But if you insist on having one like minecraft: