After Months of planning, I've made my decision. I am deleting Fallout Anarchy for something new...

Fallout Anarchy will no longer be playable by 4:50 tomorrow (Pacific Time), so if you want to play it, now’s the time.
I’ve learned so much throughout my time on this platform, and now, ViperTeck is officially releasing our (my) next generation of games in the following months.
With my estimations perfectly in line, I will be able to afford the Indie version of Flowlab, and possibly upgrade my computer. With this in mind, I will have the opportunity to learn new tactics, ideas, and no longer be held back by my lack of money.
So, from the ashes of the beginning, comes the future. I hope you enjoy the 3rd Generation of ViperTeck games, because these are going to be something else. The newest one comes tomorrow, replacing Fallout Anarchy.