Again, blurry in normal screen mode

So This game appears very blurry, unless in the editor, or full screen.
Idk what’s wrong

I don’t see how it’s blurry…

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I was hoping this wasn’t the case.

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Hey @The_KWASM - it doesn’t appear blurry to me, can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing? Have you tried playing it using a different browser? I’m wondering if the browser zoom is set above 100% or something maybe?


This browser isn’t zoomed, and has always worked.
But the screen keeps becoming black, but it’s just a visual problem. It doesn’t have a clear cause either.

I don’t understand - is the screen turning black or getting blurry? both? Can you post a screenshot so I can see what you mean?

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I’m not sure if this looks as blurry as the actual game, but it’s just a weird issue with only this game.

That doesn’t look blurry in general to me. Which part are you concerned about?

browser zoom

It’s not, It’s only that game, but only that computer as well.
I use Opera GX

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:thinking: Then maybe the game’s specific size doesn’t work that well with your device?

I’m not sure how to prove that the screen goes black, but it happens usually when I press play from the editor, everything goes black but I can still click things.
But sometimes when I place a tower the game either freezes for a few seconds, or the screen turns black.

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You don’t have to prove anything - I believe that you’re having this issue, I’m just confused because some of the comments say the screen is blurry, and other comments say it is black. Are there two different issues being reported? If so, are both of the problems specific to the device with Opera GX?

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Yeah there are two issues, and only the blur is specific to the Browser. The other issue happens on everything I’ve tested it with.

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Now every-time I run the game from the editor it freezes, I can barely test anything.

Hey @The_KWASM - is there an error in the browser console?