AGIAN!?!?! (this sucks)

I was going into the examples but oofers time the heavy que load is back Duolingo wants us to do our Spanish or flowlab might vanish

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No, it’s my fault. I did this

oh so Duolingo is not after us??

I was testing my new game, when I died in-game. The level was restarting, but I accessed editor mode. Then it went bananas.

At least i didnt edit the demo of a Newgames game (or i would have to work all over again

Also newgames is a dev team that i made

Oh wait no flowlab’s chill now XDXDXD

Yay at least Duolingo is not mad anymore or is he?



Pleas dont mention doulingo It gives me PTSD


You didn’t do your Spanish lessons

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