Alerts don't work

So in my game I have various alerts, beating every level will show one, but they don’t seem to work, mostly in full screen. (you can’t click them)
Here’s my game-

the game wont load so i dont know on how we are gonna be able to tell if it works on another pc or it just dosent work

okay it works except you cant kill them so idk

I’m confused, When click on the button, it doesn’t activate. but the rest of the game works

@Lexmaier06 if you screenshot the code you used for it I can help.

They worked before the new update, I’m assuming that’s why they don’t work

@Lexmaier06 they work fine for me, please screenshot.

Im not sure what screenshotting will show you. But if it works for you then I guess it’s my computer.

Try pressing play instead of playing from the editor, it bugsnout sometimes from there.

Ok thanks

the alerts also dont work for me

the alerts don’t always work for me