Alerts have inputs for TEXT

allow text blocks to input into ALERTS THIS WOULD be amazing (also don’t forget raycasts need to output the amount hit and not the distance if stop at first object is not selected)

example of why this is good: outputting score when game end
@grazer plz and also the raycast thing

use labels instead of alerts


word :point_up_2:

srsly, tho. alerts are kinda useless behaviors since they look trashy and don’t function all that well, i just use labels or a seperate object.


object limit :upside_down_face:

(20 char limit)

making a single object that controls text :upside_down_face:

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also, labels r lame without a background (literally an alert)
but seriously i want an easy way out XD

that’s the only text :upside_down_face:

REGARDLESS its a good feature request

Using labels is a good habit because it’s cleaner and if you want a really polished game you have to use them (most likely). Also, there are ways to get past the 50 block limit. Messages, Position, even Ray Casting.

Yeah, JR01 made an entire game using only ONE object. While that is taking it to a bit of an extreme, it’s really not all that hard to consolidate multiple objects into a single object. Just a bit time consuming

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Grazer has told us many times that he is not planning on updating the alert behaviour ever, since it’s very unprofessional and lazy.