All my problems would be fixed if i could do this

well, except my problem with the key and keyhole. anyways, i was wondering if it was possible to make two of the same type of objects have different behaviors. is it possible?

Depending on your approach, yes.

Try taking a toggle switch. Attaching a trigger to the input and it would trigger a certain set of behaviors. (Continuous triggers such as always or timer work best)

But maybe you want it to do something else when something happens. Set a trigger to “next” to reroute the input into the other set of behaviors

I want the player to have one scroll type in the first level and another in the second.

Right now I’m on iPad I’ll be on computer at 4:00

I usually edit games from my iPhone.

Puffin browser

That would be useful, if you could make a certain behaviour unique between levels.

oh and im on computer now
i dont have puffin and im out of storage space