All the way down

Just a skiing game I’ve quickly made. I actually don’t know how to ski but that doesn’t matter.

Link to the game:

@grazer For this game I really need more object layers. Layer 1 for objects behind the player, layer 2 for the trail, layer 3 for the player and layer 4 for objects in front of the player.

@grazer Also, when I continue building the level I always have to scroll down after testing it. And that’s really annoying. So it would be nice if the scroll location is saved.

There’s also something else. When going to another level, the scroll location is at the same place. So if you have an empty level you have to find the center of the level editor. Can you make it so switching levels always go to the center of the editor? And a button/shortcut to go to the center would be very useful too.

I feel you on the not enough layers. I have no idea how Sega Genesis pulled off their backgrounds and layers.

Pretty good game. If possible, I would suggest you adding the possibility of jumping.

@JeSuisFranco Wow I really didn’t think about that, good idea. I could make obstacles to jump over.

As long as you don’t add these yetis.

(Super old game reference. I doubt anyone under 20 would get it. grazer might.)

Ive… seen that before

@“Mhx Ar”
Found it! The game with thoses yetis is named SkiFree.

Right click > Seach image in google

Knowing where the yeti comes from does not equal at all what it’s like being a small child on a Windows 95 playing a skiing game for the first time, then 20 seconds later, you’re being chased by demons and torn apart and eaten. The experience was intense. These days, horror is nothing new in games, but was very unexpected in a happy little skiing game.