Alright, I need a restart. Need for a team

I am on a team, and we are making a game. There is a slight problem. We just can’t seem to produce. The game has been down at the bottom of my games list at one point. It was just lying in the cobwebs in the basement. So I want to make a new team. But I need to know if you are actually going to go from beginning to end. To persevere to make this happen. ARE YOU WITH ME!!! Ok, if yes, I would like you to tell me what kind of games you like, maybe even send me a game in particular. Then tell me what you know how to do well. One last time, ARE YOU WITH ME!!!


I would be willing to join and help whenever I’m on.
I like any game, I’ll help with anything

Is there any games you like (or types)? And what would you want to help on?

I do like music-based games as well as top-downs

You asked for current projects that I like, this is mine

I will keep note, and pls don’t ask what game we are making this is the whole point

I also really like that game, I have played for about 3 hours total

Pun intended? Lol

Really? I love to hear that! Go to my new topic post and let me know what level you want added.

Ok, np, I really like it again

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