Alright, I need help with this game I'm making

So, I’m doing GB&R Wolf Studios first attempt at a Battle Royale (it’s ok to be dissapointed)

I need help with:
1.Making smart enemy AI
2.Making guns not shoot whilst on ground
3.Count the amount of AI remaining
4.A “storm” if possible
5.Ideas for weapons
6.making bullets slower without increasing box size
7.inventory slots

Visual code help would be nice, but if you don’t feel like it, you can just help by telling me what to do in text
Help is appreciated
plz and thanks =)

Counter for AI remaining, send a message from the (now dead) AI to the counter.


I tried making that too, not trying to make you disappointed but I tried doing it multiplayer and it disbt Work out the best!
Most of the coding is still there but some might not work but there is a storm.
Good luck!
It called Footnight( dont judge me) (Im on mobile so I cant post link)

This is the AI I made, it doesn’t work the best… but feel free to make improvements.


The lower ray cast is set to a angle of 180, and I have the length set to 200.

(the timer on the right i supposed to go into the emit)

Edit: I know the image is bad quality.

Alright, I will try this @ToastMaster64

It seems to work decently fine @ToastMaster64 other than the rapid shaking

Now I just need them to do random movement then stop whenever another player/enemy AI is nearby

How would one change the firing rate @ToastMaster64 ???

change the timer delay.

And change the ray casts to a bigger length

I would actually suggest doing it this way


And change the distance of the proximity to player to 250 and the ray length to 250. Also add the always.

Hmmm, this doesn’t seem to solve the rapid vibrating done by the character @ToastMaster64

I dont know why it’s doing that… That’s a flowlab bug my man.