Always not always sending an output from a bundle

Inside the bundle:
the rest of it:

the nor gate should output the opposite.

in the bundle object

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You could make it reset a timer like so, and it works pretty much the same

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thats what i ended up doing actually XD
but I just wanted to let @grazer know

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What’s the bug with raycast you have in that game? It seems to be working fine

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oh delete the texture and it wont work

So here’s something that’s important to remember, behavior positioning carries over to the Bundles too.
For the NOR gate to work, the Always needs to be before the NOR to trigger correctly.

If you were to copy/paste the NOR gate into the bundle, this is what it would look like:


But if you were to move the Always to left, then the bundle will now work.



Maybe there’s some sort of workaround we / I could suggest to grazer, but this is how bundles works with behavior position order.


hmmm that’s really weird behavior thank you for letting me know!

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wow great to know! <>