Am I being dumb or is this a bug

So I can usually figure this type of thing out on my own, and it feels like this should be really easy, but I’m having real issues with this nor gate. Can someone help me figure out what’s going wrong? What is supposed to be happening is that when my object collides with another, it outputs 0 and if it’s not, it outputs 1. However, what actually happens is that it always outputs 1 even if it’s only supposed to be 0.
Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated!

Link? in the shop page. The item in question is called “upgrade slot” and the bundle the specific issue is in is called Kit 1

It works as intended, it does this because you have 2 of the same objects and the wires show ALL inputs between ALL cloned objects. For example if you delete one of those locks, you wouldn’t see both inputs before and after the NOR gate.

Seeing all inputs is useful and confusing and I wish you could toggle between seeing all inputs of that object type and seeing all inputs of the selected object.

@“JR 01” Thank you so much! I was wondering how the editor worked when looking at running code, but that sort of clears it up