An attempt at a puzzle adventure platformer

Hey check out my new game still a WIP. let me know what you think any comment if it could use more or less of something.

Ice Mage: Tower Of Darkness


WOW! Graphics are an immediate 10/10, -2 because I didn’t know how to beat beginning level

Very cool game and i was able to beat the first level but maybe some instruction would be good but also it is kind of weird that the character moves one block at a time but the enemies and the ice move smoothly unless that is supposed to be unique or mean something

This is a very good game with good graphics and controls!
The cut scene was so good with exellent graphics.
Things are glitchy here and there, but overall exellent work!

@Toddt - the artwork and animation is fantastic! I also couldn’t figure out how to beat the first level - I squished all the skulls but couldn’t get any farther. Really nice start though :slight_smile: