An old bug i have found

So i was making my FIRST GAME EVER and when the person would go to another level the blocks from one level would tranfer to the next.

I deleted the game on accident so there is no link but it has happened to me lots of times

Are those transporting blocks have keep between levels? That would make the blocks teleport to different levels. Other than that they shouldn’t be moving around.

no thats not it heres a example:

Im playing the game and go on to next level (There is a little bat in the first)
Then when i go to the next level the bat is there to(Bat was not added to level 2)

Then I’m afraid I cannot be of much help since I don’t know exactly what is going on, unless you have a spawn behavior somewhere spawning the bat or something, then I don’t have the slightest clue. This sounds like a job for @grazer.

yes youre right maybe grazer needs to deal with this

Yeah, we’re handling with forces far beyond our expertise. Also I had to change “a old” to “an old” since my OCD was kicking in, lol.

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I figured that I would use (PMBALTC) cause I know you tend to use it a lot, lol. Also all I know about behind a trust level 3 is that I can edit the titles of people’s discussions, and I can like way more posts now.

oh yeah im making a big game i think you saw it in my big game post but here it is

My Big game

The Dark Chronicals (WIP)

I had a similar issue when i was placing blocks on flowlab all stars but eventually it stopped, i had a similar-temporary glitch that was kinda cool, when i switched one of my levels it would combine the level i switched from with the one i am on.

thats it thats what happens to me

If blocks are set to “keep between levels”, they would also be moved to the next level.

Thats why i did put them on that…


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