Anarchy (TD Game)

Was one of the first to start this trend (I think) started making my game 2 weeks ago. The goal was for it to function through one weekend. I barely finished in time, and it improved my skills by a lot. Anyways, I’m now adding stuff to the game, and need your help! I will give credit to people’s tower ideas. I only have 4, and I’m out of ideas. Currently you start with f 50000 instead of 500 for testing to make sure your ideas aren’t already taken.

I’m thinking I have room for 11 more towers (15 max) But it may only be a max of 10.
Game is supposed to be very difficult, so expect deaths. Hardest waves are currently 26 and 30.
Please take note that I am working on optimizations, and that the name was rushed out of panic.

Stuff in game: Bomber (Splash) Soldier (5 dps troop) Scout (Weak but good troop) Artillery (Pierces)
Max bomber summons an airstrike. Max Scout gains explosive bullets.

Current Future ideas:
My ideas - Max soldier ability summons spike traps, Max artillery shoots a fire cannonball, Some sort of laser stun tower.


A tower that emits an explosion when an enemy is near.


Bomber was the second troop added. I should probably edit this post to add them lol