AND gate glitch?

Hello friends! I am trying to have my character swing an axe and when he collides with the target, the target will change their walk animation to a panic run. I am trying to run an AND gate that essentially says: IF axe swing animation is active AND you collide with the target, then send a message to the target to change their walk cycle.

While fooling with it, I could make it trigger the change in animation with an OR and a NAND but even though i could get both inputs to got into an AND GATE, it wouldn’t output the message tot he target. The game is a mess right now, but the issue is on the ALLEY level of and the only target is currently the lady, not the other pedestrians.

So just looking at the logic, it seems like in order for the AND gate to trigger, the collision event and the keyboard event would have to fire on the exact same frame. This is unlikely, and probably not exactly what you want.

You could change the logic so that you have both triggers stay active for some period of time, but I think it may be simpler to just change your approach. Why not try using a RayCast block, and when you trigger the animation, cast a ray. If the ray hits your enemy target, then send the “help” message. Does that make sense?