Android Bugs/SB2:ME problems

Bug 1: the alpha node doesn’t work
Bug 2: when the app is set to portrait/landscape, it re-orientates anyway.

Problem 1: the joysticks cannot work simultaneously due to mousemove limitations.
Problem 2: GUI objects do not have forwards, so spriting is harder when it comes to rotation.

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Problem 1 is my main concern

Anyone else having these glitches and problems?

Hey @jngthree - I just wanted to let you know that I am aware of these issues. I will address the bugs, and investigate the problems listed.

Ok thanks

@grazer when you fix/resolve them, rebuild SB:ME and Honeybee Frenzy please.

@grazer any luck? I’m just trying to get my app back to four stars

@grazer 9 out of the 12 people who installed it have deleted it, this is getting more urgent. No rush though, I’m just a little concerned.
Sorry if I am irritating you, I panic way too easily.
To those who aren’t grazer, are you willing to download it and help make the space a better place?

Maybe, if I had a mobile device :confused: (I’m one of those people without a phone)

Lol. I’m thinking about making the desktop build available for mobile for .99$

@grazer would it be possible to transfer the objects and their behaviors from one game to the other, that way I don’t have to rebuild the controls? And all the other complex Mumbo Jumbo

I’m not sure I follow @jngthree - will just copying your game work? Or do you mean transferring objects between games?

Transferring objects.
I’ve copied the PC version.

The already standing mobile version has objects that are important, and some of the old objects have new behaviors to work with them. The clone doesn’t, what I want to do is transfer the objects from mobile to the clone.

Ex: the players ship and the movement joystick
The ship exists between both games, but in mobile it has an extra behavior to work with the joysticks- which are mobile only

@grazer, how’s it going with the original problems?

Just bumping this thread now that I am back working on mobile again.

Sweet! Speaking of which the build server is down again.


I just checked both build servers and they seem to be up and running - what platform are you building? Also, with the latest updates I have increased the compile optimization (to make games run faster on mobile) but this has the affect of making the build step take quite a bit longer.


SB2 has been going for a few days now

Hey, I took a look - and your game was stuck in the queue. I set the game to rebuild so it should be good now, sorry I didn’t notice that.

Hey @grazer why not have a GUI exclusive node called joystick?

It can be used multiple times in a single level

It basically is just the joysticks I made but the game can handle any number of them.

@TomNotTomYT I subbed your YT