"Android Error" when trying to export

I’m trying to export an update for Fear Labyrinth, but after some time the exporter shows an “Android Error” message. Is this another problem related to the server, or is it the game?

I also found the root of the save problem I mentioned a while ago: a mailbox was instantly triggering at the beginning of the level no matter what name I put to it, which automatically activated the save behavior. I have no idea why this is happening, and this is the only mailbox that’s doing it (even when I replace it over and over, it still happens). @grazer please investigate soon!

(It’s the “T-Done” mailbox in the “save” game object)

Idk if this was fixed, but the mailbox is working correctly again! It’s just the exporter that’s down now

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Hey Luminous - nothing has changed in the editor/engine, so I’m not sure what’s going on with your mailbox. Is it possible that this was some sort of order/timing issue?

The android issue I’m working on - an Android library update broke the export process. I’ll update this thread once it’s up and running properly again.

Thanks for reporting it, and thanks for being patient :slight_smile:

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@Luminous - the Android export should be fixed now. I restarted all the failed builds, so anything you exported in the last day or two should be completed and available now.

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