Angle to player?

Hi all - so hit my first roadblock today, perhaps someone can help.

My game is grid-based and has zombies that follow the player. It does this by figuring out what angle the player is from the enemy, then moving in the grid direction that gets them closest to the player.

The problem is at the moment to get the angle between the enemy and the player I use PointAt - but this then points the actual sprite at the player, which I dont want it to do.

So the question is:

Is there a way to utilize PointAt that DOESNT rotate the sprite?


Is there a way (in expressions perhaps with the various Math(V) functions) to get the angle between the player and enemy WITHOUT using PointAt?


I made an example just for this, its stored in a bundle!

Point-At & Angle-To Example

Yup, thats exactly it - cheers very much, never would have figured out 90-(Math.atan2(A,B)/Math.PI) solo :open_mouth:

Let the programming continue!