Angled jump help

I got help from codealpaca for my angled jump but they dont have free time so they gave me a little bit of information on how to do it but they also gave me a batter way to word my problem so here it is and if people have free time and can help let me know. I want the character to jump in the direction they are going, but they cannot change directions while in mid-air. Then I want the player to be able to use Arrow keys to select a direction, but they don’t move while doing this. When you click W (Jump) + Arrow Key, you will jump in that direction. But I dont know how to do this please help. Flowlab Game Creator - Untitled battery game

You’ve already made three other discussions asking for this same question. I understand you need help, but you only need one discussion.

I would take a gander, but I’m on mobile at the moment.

Whats a gander? Alson sry for making 3 I just dont know how to do this and I need help if I edit it nobody will notice and its a main mechanic so I need it done before I can do anything else.