Angular velocity

just trying to make a ship game with angular velocity, like how a ship would react in space

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I don’t think you looking for what your asking,
could you explain a bit more of what you’re looking for or how it should work?
Maybe show a game that you want to copy the movement from.

And also, could you leave a link to the game you’re working on?

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Doing this requires some cosine and sine calculations, I’m pretty sure @JR01 has an example on this, since I would rather not explain it.

I’m pretty sure that’s not what he’s looking for ship controls, but that is how the topic is set up as.

JR01 has an Angle To Velocity example.

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Yeah, that’s not what they’re actually looking for…

@kiffniffbuilder if you want to use a mouse to point the player, try using a motor instead of impulse.
Also use the repeating option in the keyboard behavior.

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oh yeah sorry I changed the game
I forgot i did this