Animated Background

I was messing around with a top down game and you were on an island and i was trying to make waves but you cant access behaviors on a background block. I think that would be a good addition. I did though look at todorro’s Zombie Beach Party and was able find a way but the animated background blocks would be a good addition.

Zombie Beach Party -

Island huh? Heh… Im beginning to remember stuff.

Yeah, why isn’t this already in the game?

@“Biscuit Butter” , you could just make regular objects that are not solid, for you can still apply animations to them. Hope this helps!

you can make non solid objects the background but if your character walks over it then it gets kind of glitchy and the character is behind it and sometimes in front of it. its weird

Hey @NooodleBoooty - you can set the render order of your objects in the properties. This allows you to choose which render on to, and which render underneath.

Yeah… Had that problem before too. @grazer is right @NooodleBoooty , I’ve used it for my game as well. Just look at the grass, and go into it’s properties: . Good luck!