Animation block - delay input

I would like to propose to add a ‘delay’ input to the animation block.

The idea, if not connected or empty it would run a selected animation at the speed defined in the editor.
Otherwise, if a value is fed into the input it would run at that speed.

I had a few situations where I wished I could speed animations up or slow them down, I think it would be a nice enhancement.

@grazer, would that be a major refine of the block or something that could be easily added?

Tinker away

Please support the request if you can also see the additional game options this could bring

Hello @TinkerSmith

This is already possible with the go to input actually, it’s a little bit of coding though:

The filter on the left is the delay (5 frames). You can change the delay with the value input (if you do it while the animation is running it might bug out so you should do “equal to or greater than”)

The filter on the right is the number of frames in the animation (10).

Thank you @Latif , that’s a great work around :slight_smile:
But if it would be not much of a deal to implement it still would be nice to have that input … I’m lazy … LOL

(pssst, you connected the ‘anim frame’ output to ‘start’ … I know, you were just testing if I pay attention :slight_smile: )

@TinkerSmith Haha nice catch there. I actually didn’t even test it I just thought “there’s no way this does not work”. Apparently it doesn’t!

Of course it would be a lot better with a new delay input, but this is how you gotta deal with flowlab most of the times. It’s about making workarounds.