Animation Help!

Okay so i have made animation in the past but it sucked! I made my game lag so i just took it out completely. I need someone to properly help me with animation on my new game, Call of Duty Flowlab Edition 1
I will make more in the future! Please help me because my dad said he will get me flowlab membership if i do a good job on this game! Thanks

Link To Game!:

Link To Rick Roll.

Well, its always going to lag when you add an animation, to bypass this glitch, simply reload the site

Also i brushed up on my composing skills, so ill hook you up with some OTP to help you get that well deserved account!! >:-)

You can do it!!!

Hey, i finished it… Here

Well… I tried…

Heres the direct link though

Copy/paste this into your game

EDIT: being that this has been my best public song EVER, i may post this to youtube, your choice

P.S. Also i think 4 MINUTES 19 SECONDS is a new record for me

dude! thanks! XP your da best!

I didnt add it to the main menu because It sounded more of a main menu theme!


I looked over your game and this is what i have to say. (This is constructive criticism)
First off, good approach to the game itself.
So i played … Why name it after call of duty? Why not ‘zombie X’ or something. I don’t know, just seems like a large amount of COD fan games have appeared lately…

This is truly important. You need a system where if a zombie comes across a tile that it cant pass, have it teleport about a block up so it can continue moving.

Make the zombies roam in a random direction until approached, not just one direction, if you cant figure out how to pull this off i can help you out.

The zombies are green, but usually are grey in most FPSs (not all that important.)

If you can manage this, it will make the game a billion times better…
Make a survival mode with a working wave system.
Start of with about 20 zombies on the first wave
Then add five more each following wave
Its difficult, but will pay off

Have a campaign mode where you enter a zombie infested base/lab/bunker
And the objective is to eliminate all of the zombies and find the cure (areas with top down shooting would have the best gameplay)
Make sure the zombies are all on 'keep during level restart, that way, they don’t respawn

Making limited ammo would help too with reload periods.
But make sure you have ammo pickups

Health packs should also be in at least every five rooms

I hope this helped


My question is, why is that video even a link in the game? It doesn’t even directly relate to the game itself(It is funny otherwise though)