Animation Not Working Properly.

I have a character with an attack animation triggered by a button press.
However for some reason when the button is pressed the character only does the first frame of the animation then reverts to its idle.
Even stranger however, when the character stands on an object that is movable/affected by gravity it can preform its animation without any problem!

How do I make the animation work while the character is standing on solid blocks?

yeah… does that with mine too, apparently that happens when there are too many frames in that certain animation

Link to game? I’ll take a look.

i have the same problem In VS.

@jngthree happens even with animations as low as 1 frame


Hey frank_tcs,

First off, I really love the artwork! I hope you keep up progress on this game because it’s looking great so far.

Ok, so here’s the issue with your attack animation: You have a jump animation that is triggered when you jump, and stops when you touch something. When an animation stop is triggered, it stops any currently playing animation.

I realize that is probably not the behavior that one would expect, so I have updated it so that the stop only stops the animation it started, not any playing animation. But, here’s the catch: I’m no longer updating the deprecated v1 engine that you’re currently using, so the fix is in the latest engine version. You can test it using the new engine & editor by changing the link like so:

If you want me to, I can bump your game up to start using the latest version by default - do you want me to do that?