Animation Question

Hello! I am new to flowlab but really enjoy how the programming works. I’m working on creating my first game and am trying to add animation to my sprites. I’ve been poking around the forums and checking out other games, and it looks like in order to add animation to a sprite, you have to add an Animation box from the Properties section in Behaviors and then go into there to do the animating. When I do this and click on the little film strip to open the menu, all I’m seeing is the drop-down menu for Pick Animation and it’s entirely blank. I have no option to “Create New.” The boxes for Loop animation and Always complete are still there, but that’s all I’m seeing. In other games, it looks like there are all ready options for the animations that other sprites have (such as “Run” in the Super Monkey Adventure game). Am I missing something? I have a free account, so I was also wondering if adding animation is only something you can do with a premium account? I’ve been stuck on this for about a day now.

Here’s a link to my game if that helps.

Thanks in advance for any help. :slight_smile:

To create a animation, go to custumize graphic in the options of the item you want to edit, then edit it. From there, click on the box that has the frames picture. Once you do that, create a new animation and edit it as you please.

how to let it work??

There is an “animation command” in properties or components.

but now i got my game i can destroy enemy tank i want a fire-animation i made a fire-animation but if i got that command after destroy… i cant pick the fire-animation

Make your fire animation an animation on your enemy tank sprite, not a separate object. Then, it can trigger on collision.


okido it worked but take another look at my game now pls
it still drives around if its destroyed
i want it to stay still and do nothing except burn

yeeh it worked
i putt in a timer so if it burns it takes 10 sec and it gets destroyed