so i made a game but the animations are glitchy any ideas?


oh jeez

Dude you need to show me what you did with the petals, also it’s great for people to actually look at the examples

Hey @Tamu - The key triggers that start your animations are set to “repeat” which means they are constantly restarting. Try this instead:

  1. Disable “repeat” in your keyboard triggers
  2. Set your animations to loop
  3. Connect the key “up” output to the animation “stop” input

Now the animation will start and loop until you release the key.

Hope this helps.

Check out my game here its still in progress if you guys have any ideas I’d be sure to use them

Hey @GrimStudios - Posting about your game is great, but next time create a new discussion just for your game instead of adding it to other threads :slight_smile:

Oh okay I was doing that but this forum thing is kind go knew

Grazer is awesome