Animealia evolution sim 2.0 or Evolution 2.0

This forum post will be telling of the updates for what a majority asked for on my poll, and now I will tell of the game.
This game is supposed to simulate a ecology, including evolution. As of the creation of this forum post, it only has the first evolution done, along with an AI, a hunger system, and plants along plant growth. Aging and a max life span will hopefully be introduced in the next update. Afterwards I want to create player mating and a lifeline. Then I will work on evolution. As you can hopefully see, I will try to be as accurate as possible without sacrificing gameplay.
Please give critiques, it helps make my games better for everyone!

                                                                                                                                            UPDATE 1: BIRTH, MATE, AND DIE

There is now a system where the creatures mate, adding to the population.(not asexual, but sexual reproduction, nothing explicit though). This is controlled by a carnivore being born, controlling your computer from crashing to soon. When a creature is born in cannot automatically mate, it must live a certain time or fulfill certain requirements to begin. When it reaches its requirements it must touch another creature and then it creates a new creature, a copy or an evolution. when a creatures grows old enough, it dies, it can also die from carnivores or hunger. in this update player hunger is disabled for testing and watching life and creatures flourish.

seems like a very cool concept, i played but i never evolved, also you spelled evolution wrong in the title, unless that was what u were going for @Myw

that’s what I was going for at the time (as is with my past titles for my earlier works, for this is a redo of one of my first games that has been deleted.)
I also haven’t made a way for the player to evolve just the AI

oh ok