[Announcement] Fallout Anarchy DLCs!

Hello everyone! My name is Browngr, but you can call me G. You may know me from my obnoxious announcement page and sub-divisions of it all across Flowlab. If you’ve kept up to date, you may know that I am currently working on a spin-off of the popular Fallout series by Bethesda. And recently, a light bulb, full of ideas clicked on in my head. I implemented all of them into a survey, for everyone who wants to to take. I would love if we could have a lot of people take it, so that I could get more results. @grazer, if you could help me with this, it’d be absolutely amazing. But, I understand you’re a busy fellow, so I won’t be offended by a refusal.
And back to you, the reader! I would absolutely love to have your word in this, and if you’re not convinced, there may be a prize at the completion of the DLCs for you if you complete the whole quiz! Just saying…!
So step right up!


If you feel comfortable, please comment that you took the quiz if you did! I’d love to see who’s taken it!

i did

So it was you. Look, I don’t hold grudges, and I don’t think you should either. Your answers were only half useful, but still useful. I have the information I need. Keep in mind that your insults meant nothing to me. I still have what I need. (=
Have a nice, day, Polar! Try to let it go, please?

Fine, though 1 piece of advice, people are being rejected because of your standards are set too high and the fact that most people don’t have the paid version.(I will do your quiz again)(Sorry for the insults)

(And that they aren’t old enough, like me )

Thanks! Look, I know they’re high standards, and if it’s any constellation, once Fallout Anarchy is complete, or once we have more people, then our standards will be brought back down. For now, we can only work on one game at a time. And since it’s this one, we have to keep them high.




I’m not going to lose hope! @grazer may have my back in this, so I know I’m not at a loss. I have plans for both either him helping or not helping me. So don’t you lose hope either! We need you!

Okay. Looks like Grazer doesn’t really want to be involved with this, so I’m going to try something new. (He never confirmed this, but he seems to be wanting to avoid it. No, it’s not my invitation in the Flowjam discussion, but the times I’ve mentioned him in my own discussions, which have been ultimately ignored) So, I didn’t know what else to expect, since Grazer is a pretty busy person. ViperTeck’s surveys are skipping phase one, and going into phase two. Invitations outside of Flowlab. Yes, it’s possible, I can get more annoying.

Oh, right. I could have sworn I already put the link in…
Here you go! https://forms.gle/VQe2Jacaek7yTgs29

Link please?


Thank you so much! (=
I like your answers!

Oop, sorry,the servey was there! yesterday it wasn’t…
sorry about that…

No, it’s fine!