Annoying popup bug

I just spent like 15 minutes typing a tutorial for armor defense, and flowlab had a big square […] popup loading thing stop me from posting. These forum errors are getting annoying, so I’ll just retype the whole tutorial tonight.

Basically, I’ll show you how to use messages to cut down damage percentages so you take less damage depending on armor you’re using. This can be used in space shooter games @CrimsonBlackGames, RPG platformers @PixelPizza, or what I’m doing in my game.

Guess I’ll redo it in about 7 hours or just make an example, sigh.

Was it that stupid “Draft Failed” popup? I keep getting that, but you should be able to close it. I have no idea why it happens, but the source code for this forum is garbage - I hate the idea of looking for that bug :frowning:

Possibly. It never loads on mobile. I get this error too if I don’t select a topic before 2 minutes of typing.

hmm that sounds good… sorry to hear about that and good luck (i guess)

I think that bug never happened to me before

Yeah, that’s the error - I thought I was the only one getting it. Maybe you’re getting it since you have a mod account. I’ll take a closer look and see if I can sort it out.

I usually only get it when I haven’t selected a topic first, but sometimes the topic goes to draft and locks up, so I have to refresh. Drafting a topic is pointless if it doesn’t save anything. It’s not like there’s a topic drafts folder. It works fine for comments. If I’m on my phone, it never loads the x to close it, so I’m forced to lose everything and refresh.

@grazer I get it too

I always get it lol

I didn’t have time last night to write the tutorial, so I’ll do it after work in like 7 hours.

how do you get the mobile version?

View it on a mobile device?

I just remembered I forgot to do this tutorial lol
Alright, I’ll make a simple example.

I think this is fixed - let me know if you encounter it again.