Another Game of questionable quality!

I was bored so I decided to make a game based on the late 1800s called Country. Basically the pixelated version of Red Dead Redemption.
tell me what you think and I’ll try to make it better!

It actually is not too bad @BlueCactus , but I suggest putting a solid barrier around the level so the player does not fall out of it. Also, for the grass, I also suggest making it not solid so it feels more like grass, and not a wall. Other than that, just smooth out some sprites and animations, and then it’ll look great!

P.S., when talking to the father, that loud noise scared me :lol:

thank you for your feedback! @rcreger I will definitely do those things and probably add some more things in the next couple of weeks; like farming, fishing, hunting (maybe), and more

I will also turn the volume down on the father XD