Another horror game

So I wanted to make another horror game, and I’ve been working on the story behind it, and built a beginning version:

How to play-
Check the laptop to see where he’s at, your laptop (on the rightmost side of the screen) is connected to a security cam, but it can only send you pictures; no video feed. Click the monitor itself to update and have the cam send you a pic of what it sees.
Check quickly! Your laptop has a limited battery

When he’s behind your doorway, hover the mouse over the red bar to turn off the lights and hide.

—More instructions coming soon—

Awesome man! Kind of five nights at freddy’s! anyways you should add some creepy toy box music. I can make some for you.

I cant seem to die tho :neutral:

still working on it

Instead of making BGM I’m making ambient noises, and probably start Photoshopping so the game is more realistic

I used recordings in my house for the ambient sound effects such as turning on/off the lights