Another innovative function

A must have in multiplayer!
Go to the level with two players

Player one takes player 2’s position , adds it to his, divides it by 2 for getting the average, subtracts it by half of the screen size for the scrolling (autoscroll is OFF)

Go ahead and add this to your game!

For getting the screen size, count the tiles going across/down, then multiply it by 32.

To get autoscroll correctly, take that number, and divide it by 2. Then subtract your players x/y size with that via expression, then put it into scroll!


Please extend the proximity’s field of detection.

I think this is the first multiplayer scroll rig on flowlab!

Okay, maybe not the first.

Umm…Portal inspired Flowlab project? SQWEEEEEEEE!!!

@steeph323 i cant tell if that was either you being exited, or just messing with me

I thought about that after i wrote it. No, that is genuine excitement! Just re-played through Portal 2 and was thinking about how to make the Portal Gun work in Flowlab. I like your game a lot!

This is actually very awesome!